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Fireworks and special effects materials are explosives and may cause personal injuries or death to yourself or others, including spectators. OBSERVING ALL SAFETY RULES AND USING COMMON SENSE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and beyond the control of CIRCLE CITY PYROTECHNICS INC.


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A firework display will make any event just that much more special! Circle City Pyrotechnics will bring their magic touch with custom fireworks displays just for you.

Call today! Schedule now and have a bang-up celebration!


Testimonials for Circle City Pyrotechnics
'Circle City Pyros are just great to work with! I highly recommend them for good public relations. The fireworks display they provided for my parents 50th anniversary were spectacular and affordable. '  Barbara C.
'We were really impressed with how hard the Circle City Pyro crew worked to make our wedding fireworks display really special!'  Dan and April R.
'We tell everyone about the fireworks display we had for our  grand-opening because it just couldn't have been better!'  DH

Make sure your pets are wearing identification tags for contact if the animal does escape.
Do not take your pets with you to any outdoor activity where there will be a fireworks display.
Leave your pets inside your home with the television or radio on to help cover noise from fireworks.
Close the blinds so bright flashing lights do not further alarm your pets.
Crate your pets if they are used to being in a crate.
If your pet escapes, contact, or go to your local animal control shelter

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